Restorative Hand Cream for dry, chapped hands

620,000 LBP

Shea butter hand cream for very dry hands.

The Restorative Hand Cream is a shea butter-based solution specially crafted for extremely dry hands. With each application, you will experience soft, smooth, and well-hydrated skin. This nourishing hand cream provides instant relief, aiding in the replenishment of lost moisture and the long-term repair of damaged skin barriers.

It has a non-greasy formula that provides up to 48-hour hydration for dry hands, damaged by daily stresses at home and work, including harsh weather conditions and frequent hand-washing.

- Immediately soothes damaged and dry to very dry hands
- Resistant to hand washing
- Moisturizes for up to 48 hours
- Helps replenish lost moisture
- Fast-absorbing, non-greasy hand cream

In case of normal not dry hands, we recommend the Daily Hydration Hand Cream to achieve extremely soft, smooth, and hydrated hands with no greasy finish and it's perfect for daily use.

- Use a dime-sized amount.
- Apply and massage your hands daily as needed.

Suitable for all skin types.

Shelf life: 12 months after opening.

Store it out of direct sunlight.

Size: 100 ml.

Ingredients: Distilled water - Aloe Vera extract - Shea butter - Rosa Damascena - Dimethicone - Isopropyl Myristate - vegetable Glycerin - Propylene Glycol - Glyceryl Stearate - PEG-100 - Vitamin E Tocopherol acetate - EDTA - Acacia gum - Citric acid - BHT - Fragrance - Sodium benzoate - Potassium sorbate - Phenoxyethanol.

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